Operational Updates

store hours: 12pm to 6pm everyday

We are still accepting online orders, as well as care package orders at this link.


New Customer Guidelines:

No Mask, No Entry. If you don’t have a mask, knock on the door and a staff member will bring you one that you can keep.

Browse with intention. Don’t touch every book in the store if you don’t have to. 

In order to ensure touchless checkout, we are not accepting cash at this time.

Only 7 customers are allowed in the store at one time. 

No pets at this time.

Children need to be vigorously supervised; they cannot leave your side while you are browsing. 

All seating areas are closed.

Our tea service is currently suspended, but you can still buy the tea leaves to make at home.




Would you like to link to your books on our site? You are welcome to use our button!


Hello! And thank you so much for your interest in having your book in our store!

Please read all of this information before you submit you work.


First things first, we probably sell your book online. If you search for it and can't find it, that means there is a problem with your distribution (see below).

This form is only to have your book on our physical shelves, on which there is very limited space.


We read each and every submission that we recieve, however due to the volume of submissions that we recieve, we do not respond to every one. Generally, you will only hear from us if we decide to stock your book, usually in about a month. We do not read every book that is submitted to us, oh that there were enough hours in the day for that.


Things to note:

We do not carry books that are available for free online.

Your book must be available for us to order through major US book distributors. If you are self-published, in order for us to carry your book, it must be available for us to orer on Ingram. No matter what platform you publish with, generally you need wide distribution settings to be enabled.

This space is for authors to submit their work directly. If you are a publisher/publicist/agent, you can email us directly with your latest catalogue.


Incomplete submission forms will be disregarded.

Please do not send books to the store unsolicited. We do not have time to read them and we don’t want anyone spending unnecessary money.