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Charlie's Mirror (Hardcover)

Charlie's Mirror Cover Image
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Sara Sullivan gets an opportunity others can only dream of: to go back in time and stop a horrific tragedy. But If she can't overcome her emotional scars and learn to connect with the people around her, innocent lives will be lost.

Life has always been a struggle for Sara. Her mother fell into devastating alcoholism, forcing Sara to take care of them both from an early age. Sara's social life wasn't any better.

A move to Madison, Wisconsin allowed Sara to begin her own life out of the shadow of her mother's addiction and the soul-crushing memories of her high school torment. She's content to live on her own, with her black cat Bat as her only companion.

Charlie Anderson isn't bad...just misunderstood. Life's always been a struggle for him too, an orphan who was dumped with his reluctant grandmother who neglected him in life and tortures him in death. He grows up to be a socially awkward, lonely outcast. He develops complicated feelings for Sara and has a run of bad luck with the campus bully -- which together put him on a path to revenge that threatens dozens of lives.

After Sara visits the empty house next door and wakes up as a college student in 1989, she must find and stop the Library Mall Bomber. Can Sara save the people who finally taught her to trust? Or will she fall victim to tragedy in the past, forever altering the future?

Product Details
ISBN: 9780998762661
ISBN-10: 0998762660
Publisher: City Limits Publishing LLC
Publication Date: December 8th, 2020
Pages: 274
Language: English