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Extinction Book 2: Revolt of the Angels (Paperback)

Extinction Book 2: Revolt of the Angels Cover Image
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V and Kat leave the Mutant Kingdom and race across the desert towards Camp Terminus, where V suspects hybrids are enslaved and human dissidents - and even children - are being held prisoner in horrendous conditions more than a mile underground.

The camp is a decrepit ancient giant - a vast sweltering labyrinth, a sort of steampunk Escher drawing - a rare earths mine.

It is policed by sadistic madmen, thugs, and petty tyrants.

Far underground, enslaved alien-human hybrids, their minds paralyzed, and human dissidents - and two high-spirited kids, Jake and Gloria - are held in horrendous conditions.

Just before V and Kat arrive, Camp Terminus is attacked by a deadly ghoul virus - it morphs people instantly into ghouls.

And the Boy, the Prophet of Death, the Cosmic Force of Evil, and his winged zombie hordes promptly arrive to sow destruction.

Explosions and fires, floods and avalanches, sweep through the abyssal labyrinth.

V and Kat desperately struggle to rescue the enslaved hybrids and the human prisoners from an inferno of destruction.

And V must face off in a preliminary duel with the glamorous Byronic Boy, a charismatic religious leader, an incarnation of the Evil Force V's nemesis, earlier embodied in Dmitry Pavlov and the Puppet Master.

And if V does win her duel, and if she and Kat do save the prisoners, where can they take them in a desolate and dying world?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781777158071
ISBN-10: 1777158079
Publisher: Twin Rivers Productions
Publication Date: January 1st, 2021
Pages: 564
Language: English